Our Presence

Strategic areas of focus.

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Patient’s safety and Satisfaction

Promote patient’s safety, safe healthcare practices and systems responsive to and centered on healthcare services seekers satisfaction. We promote a culture of professional duty of Candour.


Quality of Care & Research

Promote and Contribute to quality of care through evidence based research and sustained multi-sectoral partnerships.


Patients and Public Empowerment

Contribute to institutional and public education on emerging issues in health. Accelerate uptake of the promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services.

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Patients and Healthcare

Access to healthcare
Patient should have access to healthcare that is timely, efficacious, affordable, optimal, respectful and innovative treatments for their condition regardless of their socioeconomic status. This includes access to emergency services without unnecessary delays.

Person centered healthcare
Patients and healthcare providers must work in partnership to ensure the patient’s individual specific health needs and desired health outcomes are the focus for all healthcare decisions including physical, emotional, psycho-social, and economic aspects.

Financial catastrophes
Patients should have health coverage options that provide them with health care while protecting them from financial catastrophes.

Empowered patients
Patients should be supported and empowered to express their needs, concerns, and preferences and provided with the opportunity to have a voice in the decision making of their treatments

Patient safety and quality
Patients should be provided with treatments that are safe, high quality and appropriately monitored

Patient education and information
Stakeholders should ensure patients are educated in understandable and accessible ways about their condition and treatment options. They must be provided with information that is simple, relevant and comprehensive.

Partnership and collaboration
Patients should partner and collaborate with all stakeholders for the provision and access to safe, quality, and affordable healthcare.

Patient engagement
Patients should be supported and provided the opportunity to be engaged at all levels of decision making concerning their healthcare.

Why Partner with Us
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Ogallo Ogweno


We are confident in empowering our communities and fostering a relationship with the healthcare providers, and all partners as a vital strategy to attaining Universal Health Coverage.

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Ms. Emma Nyambura

Executive Council, Member

With the ongoing concerted efforts bearing fruits; traveling to India and other overseas Countries seeking further specialized care will come to an end because as a Country we shall afford it.

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Peter Omollo

MPH,Executive Council, Member

The safety of patients is fundamental to the delivery of quality health services. In order to achieve Universal Health Coverage, therefore, requires good policies, leadership, research, a data-driven approach to improve safety, qualified professionals, and effective involvement of patients in their care. 

Gladys Jeruto

Executive Council, Member

Together we can achieve quality healthcare for all without causing financial hardship to the users.

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Bennedict Otieno

Executive Council, Member

We endeavor to advance a safe healthcare ecosystem in Kenya and build trust in our healthcare systems, and minimize injuries and deaths arising from unsafe care.

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